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This is the best video we have seen yet, on Bareshafting!!
i advise anyone interested in using this method, to stringently  follow their guidelines.
Especially their advice about starting right up close to the target.
Starting close  to the target will help prevent  (but will not totally eradicate)  the breaking of the shafts.

Group Tuning

Bareshaft Tuning

Broadhead Group Tuning

          Tuning your setup.

There are  many different ways to tune your rig!
Some will choose to paper tune, others to Bareshaft tune, some only to group tune.
Like all archery pursuits, each to their own, they all work, its just about finding the right method to suit your needs and skill level.
The only advice we would offer, is to seek out fellow archers who have had experience in tuning. Don't be shy to ask a few people, opinions WILL differ!
Please,feel free to contact us, we are more than willing to help out as much as we can, and that certainly means even if you are not using our shafts.
​We are greatly enthused by helping fellow archers!