HEX Shafts

We managed to acquire the original 'HEX Shafts" business and machinery. We have been spending many months upgrading the machinery and the processes, to create a fine product.

These unique shafts are laminated from 6 equal triangular pieces of Hemlock, using fully waterproof "Tite Bond 3" glue. These superior shafts are extremely tough and durable.

Additionally, the laminating process creates a vastly stiffer product, which in turn allows for thinner shafts in higher spine values!

Available in 5/16" and 11/32"  sizes.


 All of our shafts undergo at least four "bilateral flexion" stress tests during the manufacturing process.

This helps to further eliminate any hidden flaws or invisible weaknesses. 

Our shafts are all  34" long, that's 2" longer than the industry standard.

Shafts are hand spined within 5# spine groups, and weight-matched in 10-grain weight groups, or better! 

Completed shafts are packaged, labeled and clearly marked in dozens.

Sitka Spruce

Recognized as the strongest wood for its weight in the world. The light mass allows one to increase the point weight (and attain higher F.O.C. values) without resulting in an excessively heavy completed arrow.

Easy to straighten, and takes all stains and finishes well.

An awesome all round arrow shaft!

Available in 5/16" , 11/32"  and 23/64" sizes.

    How to straighten wooden shafts easily.

 How to care for your new shafts.

     Tips on building arrows with your wooden shafts.

Back Taper


If you, as the individual user feel that a shaft has a defect that our graders have missed (being human !!) or is inferior in any way, please do not hesitate to call us, we will replace the defective shaft immediately, no questions asked.

We do everything within our capabilities to ensure that our product is of the very highest quality. If we have erred in any way, please allow us the opportunity to rectify the problem A.S.A.P.

Wooden Shafts

"Back Tapering" is a process whereby the rear 1/4 of the shaft is tapered to a smaller diameter, in our case down to 5/16".

Having a rear taper on shafts, not only makes for a very attractive arrow, but also has many performance advantages.

1. The reduction in mass at the rear of the shaft, improves the F.O.C. % of the finished arrow.
The rear taper will reduce the overall shaft mass from 10 to 15 grains, dependent on specie and original shaft diameter.

2.The reduction in diameter changes the harmonics of the shaft, causing it to oscillate for a significantly shorter period of time. This greatly improves the arrows performance, helping it to recover from "paradox" a lot quicker, and also making it more forgiving of shooting form errors.

3.The rear taper, especially on the 23/64" shafts makes the building of the finished arrow significantly easier as 5/16 nocks  are a lot easier to find than 23/64" nocks.

Changes in Spine with rear tapering:
We have found that an 8" rear taper will not change the original spine  of the shaft. For every additional 1 inch of taper length, we see an approximate reduction in 1 # of spine to the shaft.

Head on over to  " The tech vault "  to read up further on this!


Extremely similar in characteristics to its near cousin, Douglas Fir. It is a hardy, heavier shaft. If you are looking for a higher mass, hard hitting arrow, this is the shafting to get the job done!

Hemlock straightens easily and take stains and finishes nicely.
​The grain pattern is very prominent, and makes for a very attractive  shaft when stained.

Available in 11/32".