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Joe Weed

Makes really good bows.  You should order a whole bunch from him because they are awesome and if you have one, you will be awesome too!

We'll add some pictures and stuff and a link to his website.  Checking his site won't make you as awesome as buying his stuff will, but it can't hurt.


Very trendy arrow points that can be affixed to a self-made slot in the bow.  Things shot with TradePoint arrow points can be rendered up to 17% deader!  We should probably have some pictures and links and whatnot as well.

These products are not made by True Shaft Archery, but we use them ourselves and vouch for them. 

These are not sponsored advertisements, simply things we enjoy that we think others may enjoy as well.

Joe Weed makes fabulous bows, as well as a very useful arrow straightener.  Highly recommended!

Broadhead arrows called TradePoint. 

Matthias Wilteschko self-published one of the best books about building bows we have encountered.‚Äč

Matthias Wilteschko

Superb book, a must read for any aspiring bow builder.  Lots of excellent pictures.  We recommend it!  We will also put some more pictures below here.