Our only true hardwood shaft. We currently have raw bolts in the curing shed, awaiting processing into shafts.

We would like to hear feed back on this shafting material in order to evaluate whether we will pursue this shaft material in the future. We  really like the fact that it is a fully  renewable resource.

Birch is well suited for heavier shafting requirements.


           All of our shafts undergo at least two "bilateral flexion" stress tests during the manufacturing process.                   This helps to further eliminate any hidden flaws or invisible weaknesses. 

All shafts are a standard 34" long.

Shafts are hand spined within 5# spine groups, and weight-matched in 10-grain weight groups, or better! 

Completed shafts are packaged, labeled and clearly marked in dozens.

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HEX Shafts

We managed to acquire the original 'HEX Shafts" business and machinery. We have been spending many months upgrading the machinery and the processes, to create a fine product.

These unique shafts are laminated from 6 equal triangular pieces, using fully waterproof "Tite Bond 3" glue. These superior shafts are extremely tough and durable.

Additionally, the laminating process creates a vastly stiffer product- which in turn allows for thinner shafts  in higher spine values!

Available in 5/16" and 11/32"  sizes.




Extremely similar in characteristics to its near cousin, Douglas Fir. It is a hardy, heavier shaft. If you are looking for a higher mass, hard hitting arrow- this is the shafting to get the job done!

Hemlock straightens easily , and take stains and finishes nicely.

Tapers easily with bladed tools.

Available in 11/32".


Sitka Spruce

Recognized as the strongest wood for its weight in the world. The light mass, allows one to increase the point weight- and attain higher F.O.C. values, without resulting in an excessively heavy completed arrow.

Easy to straighten, and takes all stains and finishes well.

An awesome all round arrow shaft!

Available in 5/16" and 11/32"  sizes.




If you, as the individual user feel that a shaft has a defect that our graders have missed (being human !!) or is inferior in any way, please do not hesitate to call us, we will replace the defective shaft immediately, no questions asked.

We do everything within our capabilities to ensure that our product is of the very highest quality. If we have erred in any way, please allow us the opportunity to rectify the problem A.S.A.P.

Even though our business model is orientated primarily around an extensive network of manufacturers and distributors, our products are always available to the individual end user! 

However, we always like to ensure that our customers get exactly the right product for their specific use and bow setup.

So, please feel free to use the button below to go directly to the            contact us    page for all of our contact info.

Drop us an e-mail, or feel free to call, we love talking archery!! 
We are available 24/7 !

SpecieColour    Weight rangeSpine rangeFinishes
Sitka Sprucetan/beigelight#20 - # 65very well
Hemlocklight pink to reddish brownmedium#35 - #80+very well
HEX Shaftsgolden yellowheavy#35 - #80+well
Birchoff white to light golden brownextra heavyN.A.very well

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