Premium grade vs Hunter grade

This is an incredibly subjective part of the grading process, and can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Over the years we have seen some horrific arrows, being represented as premium arrow shafting.

Many issues seem to present themselves, such as variance in roundness, excessive grain runout, inaccurate sizing, and spine testing that leaves a lot to be desired.

We have seen some manufacturers state that certain grades have a certain amount of continious growth rings running down the length of the shaft!

Now, that may be a good start, but we believe that is not good enough!!! That method is completely dependent on the number of growth rings that have stayed within that specific shaft. It makes no reference to the overall ring count.

We prefer to work on ratios, as that is the most accurate way to ensure shaft quality.

Our Standards:

Premium. min. of 80% grain integrity

Hunter: min of 40% grain integrity.

Grain integrity is the ratio of growth rings running the full length of the shaft, without running off the edge of the shaft.

Shafts are sorted into 5# spine groups and 10 grain weight groups, at the very minimum.

We will endeavor to tighten the spine groups where possible. More times than not, a bundle will consist of one or two spine values only.

This is obviously dependent on the specific volume within that sort at that time!

Spine testing and weight sorting.

We utilize a state of the art spine testing and weight sorting machine.

It is extremely consistent and incredibly accurate! We load each individual shaft by hand, to ensure correct grain orientation.

This instrument will sort to 1/10 of a # in spine and 1/10 of a grain in mass. It will automatically round the numbers off and sort them into their respective groups.

It then prints these values onto the shaft.  This serves a two-fold purpose:

1.We cant lie about those values to suit our market demand. They are simply, what they are!

2. It allows the end user to see on which plane the shaft was tested, and to place the shaft accordingly on the bow.

The printed number plane should be against the riser.

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If you, as the individual user feel that a shaft has a defect that our graders missed (being human !!) or is inferior in any way, please do not hesitate to call us.We will replace the defective shaft immediately!

No questions asked!

We do everything within our capabilities to ensure that the product is of the highest quality. If we have erred in any way, please allow us the opportunity to rectify the problem A.S.A.P.

We pay a lot of attention to our quality control, and continually strive to improve our processes in order to produce the best arrow shaft.

Continual Grading

Our wood is meticulously inspected at every stage.  Defective or inferior wood is immediately removed from the process.

Flex Testing.

Our shafts are flex tested a minimum of 4 times during the entire process. This is to ensure that any hidden flaws within the wood, that may be invisible to the naked eye, are identified, isolated and removed from the process.

Grading, Quality Control and Guarantee.