We manufacture wooden arrow shafts.

We proudly follow a strict, self-imposed, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and consumer orientated ethos.

As individuals we are driven by these three guiding life philosophies- it's these principles that also form the very foundation of our business.

With a radically changing global climate and environment, we need to do our part to ensure that we take care of our habitat, and to reward others who do likewise.

Socially, our culture is in turmoil. We endeavor to not only enrich our social surroundings but to also support others who do likewise. 

We trust in old world values and principles while simultaneously utilizing modern skills and technologies to create high-quality products that are still affordable.

We believe that the principles of social enrichment, whilst minimizing environmental impact, create a healthy, interactive and responsible business model.



We abide by a strict, self-imposed environmental philosophy. In an ever changing world, where greater pressure is being placed upon our precious and non-renewable natural  resources, we endeavor to do everything we possibly can to reduce our environmental impact.

We DO NOT cut down living old growth trees. We salvage wind blown trees, and wood discarded by indiscriminate logging practices. We feel it's our responsibility to pick up what slack we can, after the maelstrom that is the logging industry has moved through the forest. We try to salvage and put to use  as much of the discarded wood as we can, without compromising the quality of our product.

We do not drive vehicles of any sort on the old growth forest floor. We do not build new roads to a selected site.  If the selected salvage wood is far from a road, we will either pack the wood out on pack boards or high line it to the road (utilizing the appropriate buffering practices to prevent tree scarring).

All of our discarded wood pieces are left right at the tree site, in order to decompose and feed the forest. Pieces are appropriately dispersed for aesthetic appeal, so as to reduce our visual impact to anybody coming after us. 

We are continuously revising and improving our manufacturing practices to make them more efficient and to reduce our electricity consumption.

We actively try to reduce and ultimately eliminate the use of plastics and other synthetics in all of our processes.

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SERVICE BEFORE SALES! Is our driving force behind our interaction with all of our customers. It's not just about the sale today, it's about educating and enlightening where applicable. It's about visiting and sharing stories. It's about listening before talking, and really reacting to our customers needs and concerns.

This is after all why we embarked on this business venture- it certainly was not to get rich! It's because we are passionate about traditional archery, we have the world's best wood right on our doorstep, and we love to tinker with machinery! Verily a match made in heaven!

It's about establishing a product related price, and not a market-related price. Which means; taking our real costs, and adding a FAIR markup, it's not about seeing what the market will bear, and inflating the price accordingly. This is a simple "Fair Trade" practice. Nobody likes being ripped off, least of all us!

We do everything we can to streamline our manufacturing process, and in doing so have designed and developed many new and innovative processes and machinery.  This keeps our product affordable in an escalating financial climate.  This is a saving passed on to our valued customers.

Being socially responsible is more than just employing local. It's about being an active participant within one's community. To us, that means both the community we live in, and the community we trade in.

Surplus sawdust and wood shavings are  offered to our local community members for composting. Reject shafts and shaft blanks are cut to size and bundled for kindling,  then given to people in need.

We run local archery clinics and mentor as many folk as we can, young and old alike. We donate shafts to schools and clubs for kids archery, in the hope of creating a new generation of archery enthusiasts. Who maybe one day, might buy shafts from us too!

We undertake projects where we can grow associated industries and skill sets. We encourage local entrepreneurship, whether by teaching local artists  how to make completed archery tackle, or encouraging unemployed shake cutters to locate and supply suitable wood bolts to our facility. This latter project is still in its infancy, but we see innovative self-employment opportunities in the future.

In the larger commercial community, there are many skilled artisans and creative folk who make many phenomenal traditional archery products. We do what we can to bring awareness to these skilled craftsmen.  However, we do not  sell their products, nor do we take commissions. If you like their products, we want all the funds going directly to them. We also do not endorse their  product or their business management practices. This merely serves to connect our customers with other great associated traditional products.

We do not see ourselves as the only wooden arrow shaft manufacturers on Earth.  There are many great products out there, but that does not stop us from being driven to being the best and most comprehensive wooden arrow shaft manufacturer in the world today!