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Throughout the entire process the wood is continually examined and graded.  All defective material is removed from the operation immediately. All shafts undergo at least 4 "flexion stress tests".  This is to further eliminate any possible defects or invisible imperfections.

We actively facilitate and initiate associated industry.  We strive to contribute value to our community - both the one we live in, and the one we do business in.

Social Responsibility

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It is, after all, a natural product and is not infallible!

Our Process

We abide by a strict, self imposed environmentally progressive philosophy. We do everything in our power to limit and reduce our environmental footprint.


 For us, this means always being approachable and answerable to the users of our products. We do everything in our power to produce the best product we possibly can, at a fair and affordable price point.

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Consumer  Responsibility

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Environmental Responsibility 

The journey from tree to finished shaft starts in the beautiful rainforests right here on the misty isles of the Haida Gwaii archipelago. We scout for windblown trees or other salvageable logs discarded by the logging industry. Then we have to ensure that the log is rot free, straight grained and tight ringed. Very few logs fill all these criteria, and only those of the highest quality will be pre-processed and transported back to our facility for final curing and manufacture.

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